No, I'm not a fashion blogger,
I write engaging content for big & small companies 😎

I love my cat, I like to dance, but nothing gets me up in the morning like coming up with a new content marketing strategy for a business that wants to expand its reach. 

Sounds weird, but it’s true. After earning a BSc degree in Actuarial Science, I took the next obvious step in my career…marketing. As an entrepreneur, I am intrigued by brand strategies that get you noticed and those that don’t. It is the psychology behind it that makes it so interesting. We no longer look to advertisements for purchase decisions, we look to our friend’s opinions, the most shared Google content, the most retweeted tweets, who would have guessed that this would be the future of marketing.

I know what you’re thinking, I should have studied marketing because I’m clearly passionate, but you can only learn what doesn’t work for you by trying it out first 🙂

for Your Needs

The most important part of a project is you, the client. We will work together on your project and optimize it for your target audience, but it is the individual story that you seek to tell as a client, as a brand, that matters the most. 

Working Together

The Process

The process is very thorough to ensure the best and most in-depth content is created for your brand and for your audience. Mediocre content can hurt your brand just as much as no content so I make sure to coordinate with you to design a creative and strategic content marketing plan for optimal results.

Previous Work

Kenya Influencer Agency Website

Website copy and Design for KIA

Addicted to Success

Guest Blogger for the successful website (told you I could write about other topics 🙂

Personal Work & Design

A quick post with some insight into my entrepreneurial journey

your story is your best content

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Yes. I am great at researching different topics in different fields. I have years of experience working in various industries so, yes, I can write about different topics other than marketing.

We brainstorm together, or you can leave it all up to me with a few guidelines about your brand. You can fill out the contact form here and I will get back to you within one business day. 

This specifically depends on the urgency and your needs as a client. However, a one-week period is standard for blog posts and minimal content. 

A 50% deposit is required to secure the start of your project. We can discuss the method of payment you prefer, depending on the scope of your project. Min charge is 50$ for a blog post.

Yes. I can design your website and copy for you upon request.

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