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Promoting your website and funding advertising campaigns to promote your product/service does not guarantee your ROI.

Engage, inform and gain trust from your customers by creating valuable content that they relate to and find useful, therefore promoting the conversion of leads into actual sales.

let me focus on the words, the content, the story you want your brand to tell, as you focus on other areas to create the best product/service you can offer your customers.

I specialize in :

  • Marketing content
  • case studies
  • blog posts
  • website copy
  • newsletters
  • book & e-book writing

Diana Wangeci

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B2B & B2C Marketing Writer |5+ years in marketing

“Never let your customers know more about your competition than they do of you.”

your story is your best content

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Yes. I am great at researching different topics in different fields. I have years of experience working in various industries so, yes, I can write about different topics other than marketing.

We brainstorm together, or you can leave it all up to me with a few guidelines about your brand. You can fill out the contact form here and I will get back to you within one business day. 

This specifically depends on the urgency and your needs as a client. However, a one-week period is standard for blog posts and minimal content. 

A 50% deposit is required to secure the start of your project. We can discuss the method of payment you prefer, depending on the scope of your project. Min charge is 50$ for a blog post.

Yes. I can design your website and copy for you upon request.

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